FREE Workshop: Life Strategies Workshop

A 6 session workshop for improving your quality of life. Learn how to create a life strategy that will help you identify and reverse negative thinking, manage your levels of stress, stop feeling overwhelmed, find balance in your life, use planning as tool to help you move forward.

Workshop Name: Life Strategies Workshop
Format: Audio
Duration: Self Timed
Hours: (6) 30-60 minute audio recordings

Session 1
Mindful Thinking

Session 2
Stress Management

Session 3

Session 4-6
Balance (Life Plan)

The workshop is conducted via audio recording that can be heard at participant’s convenience.
A handout and weekly homework is assigned for self study.

Listen to the introduction from a recent Live Presentation at NoMAA (Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance)

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“The Life Strategies Workshop is most definitely beneficial to those who feel stuck in their lives. It gives you a chance to reevaluate WHY you are not succeeding, why you are not happy with life and why you don’t LOVE yourself enough. The tools provided by the QOL Crusader are doses of empowerment for life. Cheers to QOL Crusader & her Workshops!” — T.V. (Life Strategies Workshop participant May 2011)

“Before taking the course I pretty much lost my identitiy. This was conveyed to potential employers who were doubtful of my capabilities. While taking the course, I was able to re-identify myself, understand the things that made me happy. Further interviews with employers got a good sense of myself and ideals which were in line with theirs. I landed a good job which will enable me to further seek my balance in life and plan.” — Gayle (Life Strategies Workshop participant May 2011)

From the MOS Life Strategies Plan from the book, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life. For more, visit

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