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In the spirit of Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, make the pledge to WORK SMART, LIVE MORE, and improve your quality of life!

Sheryl Sandberg made news on April 17, 2012 when she announced that she leaves work at 5:30 to spend more time with her children. While short of breaking news; this is an unusual practice in a corporate culture where long hours are generally expected.

Jeremy Rifkin, bestselling author and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends wrote, “We Americans live (and die) by the work ethic and the dictates of efficiency.”

A strong work ethic comes at the expense of our quality of life. How many of us don’t feel overburdened by long hours; wishing to express ourselves creatively, spend more time with family & friends, or engage in an activity that will help us feel rejuvenated?

“Sandberg did us all a great service,” says CNN. “Her announcement is an important step in normalizing and destigmatizing flexible work practices…” I believe now is the time to follow Sheryl’s lead and make room for what else matters. Read full CNN article

Think it’s impossible to leave work early?

Summarized from “Here’s How to Leave Work Earlier” by Phil Stott,

  1. Set Expectations Early – When starting a new job, negotiate your daily hours as part of the process.
  2. Work when you’re at work – Eliminate time wasting and let your supervisors know when you meet goals and targets.
  3. Don’t Skirt the Issue – Acknowledge publicly that you leave on time, there’s no need to apologize for quitting at a reasonable hour.
  4. Be available, but don’t overcompensate – Check your email remotely and work from home sometimes without falling into the time-stamp trap. In other words don’t login too early or late to make a statement.

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