Self Care: The Practice of Journaling

One of the greatest habits I cultivated early in my life was journaling. Having been a girl whose voice was taken away from her at a young age, the pen to paper was a great way to get my thoughts and feelings expressed. As I evolved in the healing process, I continued to use writing as a powerful tool for self-exploration and later for planning my future. Dr. Mark Atkinson, internationally renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine says, “One simple, practical and cost-free way to process your emotions, gain insight and clear your head is through journaling. It is particularly good for liberating yourself from self-limiting beliefs and thoughts, healing emotional pain, finding new meaning and purpose and supporting spiritual growth.”

Below is a journaling technique I developed and share in my book, The Magic of Succeeding:

The Today Sheet Meditation

  1. On a single sheet of paper dated and labeled TODAY, describe what is currently going on in your life.
  2. Include your experiences and how you feel physically and emotionally.
  3. Check in with yourself and create a new Today Sheet on a daily basis.
  4. As your days improve, so will the quality of your Today Sheet.
  5. Your writings will move away from experiences in which you felt victimized, to more positive experiences, and will likely include action-plan items.
  6. Whatever comes through, don’t judge it. Just write and observe where you are. It will give you a clue into what issues should be addressed and which activities you should engage in.
  7. You can also spend time in dynamic meditation, asking yourself and answering solution-oriented questions, beginning with “How can I” or “What can I”.
  8. Also, visualize yourself having achieved your goals, and feel what it’s like to achieve them. That feel-good feeling will help propel you into action toward your goals.
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