My Thoughts on Suicide: Robin Williams

My Thoughts on Suicide: Robin Williams
by Maggie Hernandez-Knight

(not at all related to his circumstances)

KobalI understand when it’s a soul’s time to go, it’s a soul’s time to go. And I fully understand we have the right to make that choice on a spiritual level and folks do it every day.

But when someone takes their own life out of unhappiness and despair, ahhh it makes me very sad :-(.

I suppose I was there at one point in my life, not suicidal, but feeling like I just wanted to give up because, “life is too effing hard!”

In my case, life was hard because I had a twisted perspective on my experiences. I so strongly identified with being a victim, not finding the blessings, and holding on to resentments.

All of that changed when I decided to start taking control of my own life, changing how I saw the world and learning to forgive and let go.

I hope and pray that those in that unhappy place realize… “the power to change is in your own hands! Don’t deny us the beauty that is your light, waiting to shine.”

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