What folks have to say about the JourneySpace classes and services. Please feel free to post what your experience has been and how it has impacted your life for the better. We and the world want to know!

“…I am so, so, so grateful for places like JourneySpace and people like Annabella Cruz and Maggie Hernandez for gifting me this physical and deeeeeeply spiritual practice of love, liberation, connection, power. there are so few safe cocoons in which i can practice simply BEING, without having to shield myself from the micro-aggressions directed towards my skin, my body, my mother tongue. you’ve been my medicine and shelter through the storm. just…. thank you. #blessed #transformed #oneyearanniversary #thejourneycontinues” — Ana del Rocio, JourneySpace Member

“Thank you for helping me release my heart and soul! I was so inspired & freed! I look forward to more dancing in my life!” — JourneyDance Participant

“Thank you so much for helping me to relax and analyze my feelings!” — JourneyDance Participant

“Thank you for helping me to discover my path on this journey.” — JourneyDance Participant

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of dancing and sharing my feelings!” — JourneyDance Participant

“Thank you for the class. It was so refreshing!” — JourneyDance Participant

“I want to say that I am not an exercise person. I have paid up to $500 in [a gym] membership and probably went in 3 times and the last two were for power shakes. DawN thank you so much for introducing me to Zumba. You have made me enjoy getting into shape!” — O.G., JourneyDance Participant

“For the past few months I’ve allowed a lot of the outside world to take up space in my life that had no business being there! My first time doing Journey Dance was so emotionally charged and such a moving experience that I went home feeling emotionally 50 lbs lighter!!! I released thru tears and a self expression that I’ve never experienced before. My instructor was extremely well versed in her field and was able to guide me to ‘let go’ without feeling self-conscious or afraid! This is definitely an ‘activity’ that I will be incorporating into my life! Life is too short to carry unwanted baggage!”  — JourneyDance Participant

“…Journey dance brought up a lot of thoughts that were stuck in my subconscious. My dreams were very busy last night, but, they were pretty relevant to the things which I so direly need to express to those closest to me. Thank you for your guidance!” — JourneyDance Participant

“Ahhh, I love the drumming. Total bliss!” — Wellness Drumming Participant 2013

“I Thought I would be aching this morning from all the exercise I did yesterday and you know what? I’m not! I feel great! my body feels like it’s gulping in air as if I have been stingy with it of something that is free and my lungs are expanding to take it all in. — JourneyDance Participant

“I think you started me on a nice path… Today I let go of all anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment. I permanently delete them from my mind, body, and life for good.” — Anonymous (Anonymous Coaching Client

“The Life Strategies Workshop is most definitely beneficial to those who feel stuck in their lives. It gives you a chance to reevaluate WHY you are not succeeding, why you are not happy with life and why you don’t LOVE yourself enough. The tools provided by JourneyWellness are doses of empowerment for life. Cheers to Maggie Hernandez-Knight & her Workshops!” – T.V. (Life Strategies Workshop participant)

“Before taking the [Life Strategies] course I pretty much lost my identitiy. This was conveyed to potential employers who were doubtful of my capabilities. While taking the course, I was able to re-identify myself, understand the things that made me happy. Further interviews with employers got a good sense of myself and ideals which were in line with theirs. I landed a good job which will enable me to further seek my balance in life and plan.” – Gayle (Life Strategies Workshop participant)

“It’s all in the power of how you explain things. You make them easy to understand. Your voice is like a traveling companion in your mind that never goes away. It’s unforgettable.” – Jay Bertete, actor & film producer (multiple workshop participant)

“[Ms. Hernandez-Knight] understands the material very well and is very passionate about the material and clients.” – Anonymous (Anonymous SRTM Client)

“The most important part that happened in 2008 was actually going to Music Talks session back in February. There I had the chance to hear you talk about balance. It brought me an awareness and I kept in that direction. It stayed on the top of my goals everyday since”. – Lili Roquelin, singer-songwriter-producer (Life Balance Workshop participant)

“I am in love with the Ballet that Maggie is teaching. She is such an effective, inspired, patient teacher that I just glow after each class. I learn technique and proper form and get to understand the reason and idea behind each movement. I watch her graceful dancing and get inspired! Thank you Maggie for this experience, it adds a new dimension to my dancing.” – SK, Ballet Barre Participant


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