Quitting the Television Habit

Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many of us aren’t addicted to the television? I’ll come out and admit it, I love competitive reality shows. Any show containing the word “challenge”, I’m in. Now it doesn’t usually take away from what I’m doing, I can muti-task; work on my computer and even paint artistically while I watch “The Next Food Network Star”.

But, when you receive an email from your child’s teacher stating, “your child does not want to do school work because he says it’s boring and wants to watch cartoons,” it’s time to make a serious change. Instead of punishing our 7-year old for his learned behavior, we declared a challenge of our own:

The “No TV for 2 Weeks Challenge!”. We’re learning how creative we can be when we’re not watching television. Join us on this challenge and share what takes shape.

Inspiration from a 7-Year Old
Photographs taken while not watching TV this weekend:

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