How To Stop Faking Happy

fsWhen was the last time you felt you were genuinely happy? The kind of happy that was undefined by anything outside of yourself.

I will never forget my reaction to the ending of Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose. I thought, “what the heck? Our purpose is to just be?” Now if we believe our purpose defines our happiness, Ekhardt’s conclusion poses a huge problem.

For the majority of us, material pursuits consume most of our time and energy. The spirit, yearning to BE, is neglected and we are left feeling empty; a shell of person we once thought was whole. If we are unwilling or able to make a shift, we may resort — as I did many years ago — to faking it. I became very good at pretending I was happy, as most of us do. When asked if I was happy, I’d pause and tell my usual lie, “sure I’m happy”.

Then as I pulled myself out of victimhood and worked on healing old wounds, my definition of happiness shifted. It was about being free of worry and having more control of my own life. It was less about fleeting moments of joy that achievement brings and more about the consistent inner knowing that everything would be ok, no matter the circumstances.

How to Stop Faking Happy

· Strive for true, inner happiness, not just moments of joy.
· Know that your circumstances can and will change.
· Take control of your life by initiating change.
· Learn to forgive/let go of your pain.
· Be willing to ask for help.
· Have a grateful heart; all experience is your teacher.
· And most of all, trust that everything will be ok, and don’t worry!!!