Mission #33: Express Yourself!

Being a creative person who enjoys painting, I am often asked about the creative process by people who seem to be in awe of what I do. To this I say, view not the ‘artist’ as someone separate from yourself. We are all mere mortals who possess the need to express ourselves.

The only difference between me and those who do not create, is that I have chosen to express myself creatively. For me painting is a way to engage my right brain, giving my left brain a much needed break and also a way for me to express emotions. I have learned from personal experience that suppressing emotions can lead to anger, resentment and even depression.

How do we become better at communicating? We have to step beyond our fear and do it. As someone who was once completely shut down and unable to express herself verbally, I began by taking small steps. Instead of going along with someone else’s plan, I contributed my own ideas. And at great pains, I began saying no when I needed to. In no way would I say it was easy, but practicing long enough, eventually made expressing myself second nature. And when I find myself unable to do so verbally, I find other ways:

• Pound a pillow
• Laugh
• Cry
• Get bodywork
• Do breath work
• Write
• Paint

Some of my Expressions in Art:

More at www.paintedplane.com

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