Thank You for Your Subscription!

Thank  you for your subscription to JourneySpace!

As promised below is your Self Assessment / Life Strategies Plan.

The Magic of Succeeding (MOS)  Life Strategies Plan is based on The MOS Life Strategies from Chapters 3 to 7 of Maggie Hernandez-Knight’s  book, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life. The plan is designed to help you quickly assess the strategies you are struggling with and what tools can be used to snap you out of it quickly!

What to Do

  • Download The MOS Life Strategies Plan.
  • Read through the Assessment portion only for each of the five strategies.
  • Read completely through the strategy you feel is most relevant or urgent in your life and act on it.
  • When you are ready to challenge yourself, select the next most relevant strategy until you have completed all five
  • Remember to take things one baby-step at a time. Move too quickly and you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed and giving up prematurely.
  • Then, let us know what you think of the plan below. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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