Sound Healing


WORKSHOP | Sound Healing 101

Presenter: Sandra Winter

Date: Saturday, 11/16/13

Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm

Cost: $15 non-members / $0 members (FREE)


Sound healing is the intentional use of sound for the purpose of promoting well-being. There are many different modalities of sound healing, ranging from simply using the voice to tuning forks, harps, Himalayan bowls and gongs to intricate sound tables.

In Sound Healing 101, we will be discussing what sound healing is, how it works and, most importantly, how you can use its power for yourself to relax, restore and rejuvenate your body. While the intentional use of sound is ancient, modern research is only just beginning to reveal the many ways sound can be used to improve the quality of our lives.  Come join this introductory talk to discover some simple ways sound can help you relax and feel more vibrant.

Private Sound Healing sessions are available with Sandra Winter.


Sandra Winter is an Interfaith Minister, singer / songwriter, spiritual life coach and sound therapy practitioner. She’s been practicing sound healing professionally for over 10 years now, using her tools in sound healing circles and with private clients.

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