Help Save JourneySpace

For 30 days from September 18th to October 18th, 2014 JourneySpace held an Fundraising campaign for funding of a new space.

Within 2 weeks, we found a new space; renting off hours in the space of another already established studio. The rent was so reasonable that having raised nearly half our initial goal would be enough to cover full operating expenses for a few months, buying us time to build membership and allow JourneySpace to sustain itself.


Thank You Donors

Martha Acero
Jean Arrington
Yael Ben-Zion
Helen Blumenthal
Patricia Brown
Marta Cristian-Kalivas
Demetrius Daniel
Daliah Diaz
Aixa Garcia-Rodriguez
Orchid Gutierrez
Nicky Hamilton
Maggie Hernandez-Knight & David Knight
Carmen Hernandez
Maria Herrera
Susan Kalev
Dana Kragh
Veronica Liu
Rosemarie Mohammed
Liza Montalvo
Pansy Mullings
Sandra Mullings
Bari Pearlman
Audrey J. Perez
Hunter Polese
Jenny Pulido & Ronnie Morales
Brenda & Miranda Rivera
Dari Rodriguez
Maria Sevastos
Margarita Terc
Tanya Viteri & Antonio Rodriguez
Aviva Woolf

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