Workshop: Rockstar Precision


Have you always wanted to channel your inner Rockette?

You're in luck! Our very own yoga instructor Laura, self proclaimed Rockstar Yogi and former Rockette, will be leading a special workshop Sunday Feb 19th...

In Rockstar Precision you will learn the ins and outs of precision dance technique - from guiding and formation techniques to alignment and kicks! 

No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to have fun and channel your inner dancing guy or gal 😉 sneakers or bare feet work fine, if you have character or jazz shoes those works too!

Get ready to stretch, kick, laugh, and learn!

with Laura Danelski
SUN FEB 19 2017
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

$50 Non-Members / $43 Members
Early Bird $43 Non-Members / $35 Members  (through Feb 9)

snacks included


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