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Not just a ballet barre workout to strengthen your lower body.  If that’s what you’re looking for, check out our BoundlessBarre class. In classical Ballet Barre, you learn and practice the fundamentals of ballet while improving your posture and balance as well. In addition, our class is relaxed, welcoming and fun! And no ballet experience is required for our Levels 1 & 2 classes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks, ballet slippers, or gymnastics shoes.

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Class is lead by Maggie Hernandez-Knight, an experienced adult and child ballet teacher trained in the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus (RAD) by Mrs. Virginia Karasis, Cultural Program Director of The Children’s Arts and Science Workshops. Photo: circa 1985.



“I never thought I’d be learning ballet in my 30’s. This class is so much fun. I feel like I’m living my childhood dream” –Anonymous, Ballet Barre Participant

“I am in love with the Ballet that Maggie is teaching. She is such an effective, inspired, patient teacher that I just glow after each class. I learn technique and proper form and get to understand the reason and idea behind each movement. I watch her graceful dancing and get inspired! Thank you Maggie for this experience, it adds a new dimension to my dancing.” –SK, Ballet Barre Participant

“Maggie is a patient, yet technically precise ballet teacher. She tailors the pace for the varied levels of students in class, and keeps it challenging, and enjoyable. Thank you, for re-awakening my love of dance!”–LK, Ballet Barre Participant


  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Low Impact Cardio
  • Posture & Balance Improvement
  • Ballet Fundamentals Knowledge

Class Structure:

  • Class runs on a set choreography for a period of 6-8 weeks per session. This format allows for familiarity and “perfection” of movements.
  • Similar choreography is used between levels with moderation of speed and complexity.
  • Level 1 class (Mondays) is for absolute beginners with little to no ballet experience or for those wishing to work at a slower, more deliberate pace.
  • Level 2 class (Tuesdays) is for beginners with some ballet experience. Although class moves at a moderate pace, absolute beginners up for a challenge and experienced dancers are welcomed. Time permitting, one or two exercises are practiced off barre.
  • Level 3 class (Fridays) is for experienced dancers comfortable with the basic steps and terminology of classical ballet. Class includes approx. 15-20 mins. of center work.


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Photos: Nancy Bruning

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