JourneySpace Open House 4/25/15


JourneySpace Open House

Saturday, April 25, 2014 – 2:00-3:30pm
220 Cabrini Boulevard
Ground Level Entrance at 186th Street, Renaissance Village
New York, NY 10033
Cost: FREE
  • JOIN US at the new JourneySpace location at 220 Cabrini Boulevard at 186th Street in Washington Heights, NY.
  • FIND OUT MORE about one of the most affordable and friendly places in Washington Heights to take yoga, zumba fitness, ballet barre and JourneyDance.
  • CLASSES ARE ONLY $15 with Limited Memberships starting at $45 and an Unlimited Membership for only $99/mo. and $60/mo. retired elders.
  • OPEN HOUSE DEAL! Sign up for Unlimited Membership at the Open House at the special rate of only $60/mo. That’s $39 off per month for the duration of your membership!

FREE Refreshments, Fine Art Raffle & Live Music/Poetry by Demetrius Daniels!

“…I am so, so, so grateful for places like JourneySpace and people like Annabella Cruz and Maggie Hernandez for gifting me this physical and deeeeeeply spiritual practice of love, liberation, connection, power. there are so few safe cocoons in which i can practice simply BEING. #blessed #transformed #oneyearanniversary #thejourneycontinues” — Ana del Rocio, JourneySpace Member

“I am in love with the Ballet that Maggie is teaching. She is such an effective, inspired, patient teacher that I just glow after each class. I learn technique and proper form and get to understand the reason and idea behind each movement. I watch her graceful dancing and get inspired! Thank you Maggie for this experience, it adds a new dimension to my dancing.” – SK, Ballet Barre Participant


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