News: QoL CRUSADER Post-It Program

QoL CRUSADER is launching a Post-It Program to help deliver Life Strategy Tips to the public. Post-It notes are for the taking and will be posted in random public spaces throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City to start.

CRUSADERS are encouraged to post their own Post-Its in their area. If you are so inclined, please include the website address.

What to Post?
Any positive suggestion or affirmation to help inspire another to action!

Accept help when it comes!
Act on your Dream!
Adopt a Pet!
Age is only a number!
All people are beautiful!
Are you depressed?
Are you happy?
Are you satisfied?
Argue Less, Hug More!
Ask and you shall receive!
Ask for help when you need it!
Ask for help!
Ask for what you want!
Balance Your Budget!
Be a friend!
Be a mentor!
Be a quality of life crusader!
Be alive!
Be at peace within yourself!
Be clear!
Be courageous!
Be creative!
Be curious!
Be fair not right!
Be flexible!
Be generous with your time to charity!
Be honest!
Be human!
Be humble!
Be in your power!
Be inquisitive!
Be open!
Be passionate!
Be patient!
Be Positive!
Be Positively Powerful!
Be Proactive!
Be sincere!
Be Still!
Be supportive!
Be the change you want to see!
Be the example!
Be who you are!
Be willing to take a risk!
Be you!
Be young at heart!
Believe in you!
Breathe Deeply!
Build your network!
Buy a plant!
Buy property!
Call an old friend!
Calm your nerves!
Celebrate You!
Celebrate your achievement!
Change begins with you!
Choose your battles!
Cook a delicious meal!
Cook a little something for yourself!
Count your pennies!
Create a life strategy!
Create a sanctuary in your home!
Cry if you need to!
Cry Your Heart Out!
CRY! (if you have to)
Curl up to a good book!
Curl Up To a Good Book!
De-clutter your space!
Detox your body!
Difficulties are gifts in disguise!
Do Don’t Try!
Don’t be a hater! (it comes back to haunt you)
Don’t be afraid!
Don’t be shy!
Don’t Complain, Vent!
Don’t know, Do!
Don’t live a lie!
Don’t live with stress, it’ll kill you!
Don’t put yourself down!
Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Don’t worry, be happy!
Dream + Action = Success!
Drink Water!
Eat Healthy!
Eat more veggies!
Eat to live don’t live to eat!
Elders are wise not old!
Embrace Change!
Embrace Differences!
Enjoy Life!
Enjoy the moment!
Enjoy yourself!
Everything happens for a reason!
Everything is temporary!
Exercise regularly!
Express your creativity!
Express your emotions!
Express Your Needs!
Express Your Needs!
Express yourself!
Express Yourself!
Express Yourself!
Feel your pain!
Fight for your life, you’re worth it!
Find a mentor!
Focus on solutions not problems!
Focus on Solutions Not Problems!
Follow the golden rule!
Follow through!
Follow your heart!
Get a massage!
Get a physical!
Get More Fresh Air!
Get more sleep!
Get organized!
Get organized!
Get some fresh air!
Get that raise! (ask for it)
Get what you deserve!
Get your feelings out!
Give and Take!
Give Back!
Give generously!
Give to others!
Go Hiking!
Grow bolder not older!
Happy Birthday!
Have a great day!
Have a plan!
Have Balance!
Have fun!
Have no regrets!
Hire a trainer!
Hold your head up high!
I am amazing!
I am an awesome person!
I am beautiful
I am capable!
I am great!
I am perfect with my imperfections!
I am Smart as H*ll!
I am smart!
I am worthy! (just because)
I come first!
I Love Me!

Inspire others!
Invest in you!
It all begins with a thought!
It’s great to be me!
It’s karma!
It’s never too late to… !
Join the Gym!
Just do it!
Keep a journal
Keep Your Brain Healthy!
Keep yourself inspired!
Know what you want!
Laugh more!
Laugh out loud!
Learn a new language!
Learn from your mistakes don’t repeat them!
Learn From Your Mistakes!
Learn something new!
Learn to Live!
Like attracts like!
Listen well to others!
Live your dream!
Live your truth!
Look for the Positive!
Love Yourself!
Make a new friend!
Make peace not war!
Make peace with Dad!
Make peace with Mom!
Make Peace with Your Parents!
Make time for you!
Make You a Priority!
Manage Stress!
Mind your thoughts!
No one can be ugly!
Nothing is more important than you!
Open Your Heart!
Organize Your Space!
Own Your Beauty!
Pamper yourself!
Pay it forward!
Pay your debt! (then watch what happens)
Pay yourself first!
Plan a date with your partner!
Play a little!
Practice yoga!
Reach out and help someone!
Read more books!
Redecorate your home!
Respect others!
Rest your eyes!
Save and invest!
Save For a Vacation!
Save your heart, walk!
Say YES!
See opportunities not obstacles!
See Opportunities!
Seek like-minded people!
Serve your community!
Set goals!
Set healthy boundaries!
Set your priorities!
Share Your Knowledge!
Share your wealth!
Sing out loud!
Sit In the Park!
Smile more!
Soak in the tub, relax!
Someone finds you great!
Someone hurt you? Forgive and Forget!
Speak freely!
Speak up!
Start Your Business!
Step out of your comfort zone!
Stop complaining! (it could be worse)
Stop fooling yourself!
Stop negativity!
Stop the negativity!
Support others’ dreams!
Take a break!
Take a class!
Take a deep breath!
Take Action!
Take baby-steps!
Take Graciously!
Take it easy!
Take your time!
Talk to a friend!
Tell Someone ‘I Love You!’
Tell Your story!
There are no coincidences!
There’s no such thing as failure!
Things always work out for the best!
Things could be worse!
Think it, feel it, see it, do it, be it!
Time is money, don’t waste it!
To get love give love!
Treat others with respect!
Treat yourself right!
Treat yourself well!
Vent Don’t Complain!
Vent with a Friend!
Walk Briskly!
Walk in the Park!
Want a new job, go after it!
Watch your weight!
We are all the same!
We co-create our experience!
What you obsess over persists!
What you think is what you do!
Where are you in life?
Why bother? (you’re worth it!)
Why cry? It’s therapeutic!
Why worry?
Work on your relationship!
Work towards Your dream!
You are beautiful!
You are how you feel!
You are in control of your thoughts!
You are not a failure!
You are not your disease!
You are sexy and desirable!
You are what you eat!
You are worth it!
You are worthy!
You can say NO!
You can’t control others!
You come first!
You have a talent, find it!
You have the power to end your depression!
You have the right to ask!
You must have a goal!
You’re awesome!
You’re not old!
Your body is beautiful!
Your time is here!
Your time is now!
Your time is precious
Your time will come!
Your wrinkles are beautiful!
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