MOS Life Strategies

I believe the magic of succeeding is in five simple strategies that, once mastered, help to support and sustain everything we aim to achieve in our lives.

But, unless we are willing to make the commitment to ourselves and make the integration of these strategies a normal part of our lives, the results of our neglect will eventually catch up with us. We are at risk for feeling unfulfilled and angry, becoming chronically stressed and depressed, in addition to impairing our health and negatively impacting our relationships.

It takes no more than 1-2 hours of effort per week to improve your quality of life drastically.

MOS Life Strategies aka “The Magic 5”

#1 Stress Management
Choose your favorite ways to relieve daily stress. Make time throughout the day to stop what you doing and act on it.

#2 Balance
Do a thorough assessment of your life. What parts of it are you neglecting? Schedule time to engage in those areas immediately.

#3 Baby-Stepping
Always move in baby steps. Taking on more than you can handle will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

#4 Mindful Thinking
Monitor your thoughts consistently. Focus on solutions, not problems. Change “I can’t” and “I’ll try” to “I will”.

#5 Planning
Write your goals, make a plan, then follow it diligently. New concepts take time to master. Try something for one week, you’re bound to fail. Be persistent, commit to achieve and you will!

Inspired by the book, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life

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