Mission #8: Save Yourself From Your Living Space

from apartmenttherapy.com

So what is wrong with your living space, exactly? Is it too small, cluttered, in the wrong environment for you? In Feng Shui, it is believed that energies in a room can affect your health and well-being. And those energies can have a positive or negative effect on every aspect of your life. If your space is stressing you out. Why not do something about it now?


  • De-clutter your space
  • Refurbish old furnishings; slipcover, paint, repair
  • Refresh your walls with quality paint
  • Infuse with color you love
  • Add plants
  • If all else fails, find a new space


Inspired by the book, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life

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