Mission #35: Take Control of Your Life

Almost every book written on the subject of personal development or business will emphasize the need for goal-setting. Goals give you a pre-determined destination on which to focus. A life without focus runs on autopilot and is left spinning out of control. What you may not realize is that merely setting your intention, making a plan, and taking a first step is all you really need to set the wheels of progress in motion.

I once met a musician who spent years whining about not being able to afford a keyboard. After setting her intention and planning her first steps, she received a call from a friend offering her one for free. What changed? She stopped complaining and set her sights on what she wanted instead of what she couldn’t have.

To set your own wheels in motion, set a goal without considering any limitations. Determine your first steps; work backwards from the final goal until you reach the first task. Then, put your first task on your calendar and be ready to act on it. Also, meditate on your goal every morning and every night, creating a mental picture of yourself having achieved it.

On the way there, accept absolutely no excuses. Stick to your plan and keep moving forward step by step. If for whatever reason you have difficulty sticking to it, consider that you may be suffering from stress overload, have an emotional blockage, or have selected a goal that isn’t right for you. Whatever your issue, make a plan to actively change it and act on it.

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