Mission #31: Overcome Common Obstacles

Remember Mission #26 Stop the Excuses? Shared were ten of the top excuses we give for not achieving our goals. We may not be aware that in addition to excuses, there may be unconscious behaviors, what I call Common Obstacles that stand in our way as well. If you can identify yourself in the below eight (or any other you can make up), do something about it immediately! Identify a new behavior you will engage in instead of a negative one and replace it. Literally tell yourself, “stop!” and perform your new behavior. For example, if you find yourself excessively complaining, doing it on autopilot, elect to vent instead. Venting means that you will dedicate a short amount of time to getting out what you feel, then drop it. If the subject requires further resolution, work on finding one. Easier said than done? Of course! It takes consistent practice.

#1: Excessive Complaining
#2: The Ego in Conflict
#3: Priorities
#4: Distractions
#5: Imbalance
#6: Disorganization
#7: Spontaneity
#8: Deep Inner Angst

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