Mission #30: Master The Rules of Engagement

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere? Working on much but accomplishing very little? For most of my life, that was me! Then, I started paying attention to what was working and not working for me and came up with the following The Rules of Engagement. I strongly suggest memorizing and applying these rules on a daily basis:

  1. You Must Have a Goal
    Give your mind something to work on. If not it goes on autopilot.
  2. You Must Know That Everything Is Temporary
    Leave room for improvement. Remove all negative labels from yourself and others.
  3. You Must Know That Change Begins With You
    Sitting back waiting for someone else to change yields no results. Take Action!
  4. You Must Be Willing to Ask For and Receive Help
    Pride will keep you from receiving gifts of support. Take a deep breath and ask!
  5. You Must Be Enthusiastic About What You Are Doing
    Enthusiasm keeps you motivated and active. Make sure your thoughts about your goal and how you feel about it are in sync.
  6. You Must Know That Your Goal Is Achievable
    If you don’t believe and expect to achieve your goal, you won’t. Scale it down if needed to make it believable.
  7. You Must Be Aware
    We often label opportunities, connections, and resources that cross our path as mere “coincidences”. They are actually “things coinciding”, act on them!
  8. You Must Celebrate Your Achievements
    Focusing on failure is no good for the soul! Celebrate your littlest accomplishment and it will help propel you further into action.
  9. You Must Show Gratitude
    An ungrateful heart misses out on the magic of giving. Give and you shall receive… tenfold.
  10. You Must Persist and Stay Inspired
    Realizing a goal can be challenging. You must persist to show the universe you are serious. Connect with what inspires you to keep you going!

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