Mission #28: Make Room for Fun!

I believe it happens around the time we turn thirty. We make a conscious decision to grow up. It often means we stop enjoying life and having fun. I’ll share a secret here, I do not believe in aging the way most people do. I believe we choose to suck the life out of ourselves; thereby accelerating the process of decay. Studies show that “feel good” chemicals released in the body have an enormous positive effect on our health. It is advisable that we get a healthy dose of fun, including laughter, on a regular basis to keep those endorphins flowing.

Web MD suggests:

Learn more ways to laugh. Laughter is one of those things, like getting exercise or watching what you eat, that you can do yourself. Here are a few ways to laugh more:

  • Ask your spouse, partner, or friends to help by telling you good jokes or bringing you funny movies.
  • Spend time with the world’s leading experts on laughter: children.
  • Surround yourself with people and things that make you laugh-whatever they may be.
  • Surround yourself with humor: An Internet search for “stupid pet tricks” or “funniest home movies” will give you, as well as the people you care for or the people who care for you, plenty to laugh at.
  • Ask at your local library or bookstore for funny books, audio programs, or movies.

What I do for fun:

  • My number one favorite thing to do for fun is dance! I either incorporate it into my morning workout, attend a zumba class at the gym, or schedule a night out dancing. I also enjoy…
  • Painting
  • Djembe drumming
  • Watching funny videos & comedy films
  • Playing board games with my 7-year old

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