Mission #27: Practice the Law of Attraction

There is mysterious truth that says we have the ability to manifest anything we desire. In reality, we are already manifesting what we desire based on our thoughts, whether negative or positive, big or small.

Observe this in yourself at age three. Did you not get what you wanted, after nagging your parents, for the most part? As adults, we may manifest bad relationships simply because we believe relationships are difficult. This directly relates to the “law of attraction”, which states that what is most present in your thoughts persists. So, if all we have to do is focus on the positive to be successful, why can’t we just do it on a bigger scale? I believe we’ve been conditioned to think small. Remember being told, “You can’t have everything”? It has a great impact on how much we continue to believe we can have. So, based on conditioned limitations, you may have mastered the art of manifesting a full-time job, for example, but be a novice at manifesting great wealth. The fact is that you cannot go from thinking small scale (level zero, beginner) to thinking large scale (level ten, master) overnight. Unless you have 100% faith that it shall be done, it shall not be done. This is because you are more prone to believe you can accomplish a level two achievement if you are at level one, a level five if at level four, etc.

I suggest moving in increments you believe are possible. Before you know it, you are so confident in your ability to make great things happen that you master the skill, level ten.

Need more clarification?
Let’s say you want to become a motivational speaker, but happen to be extremely shy. You’ve been told you probably wouldn’t be very successful. Whenever your dream comes to mind, you automatically remember that “you don’t have the right personality to succeed as a motivational speaker”. This thought reinforces a belief that keeps you from moving forward and making your dream a reality. However, you have the power to change the outcome by changing what you tell yourself. Those words aren’t just “magic”, they drive your feelings, what you see yourself accomplishing, and the steps you take (or don’t) to get there.

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