Mission #24: Take Quality of Life Seriously!

Though I love playing “super hero” just because it’s a lighter and more fun way to present heavy subject-matter, I do take quality of life issues very seriously. Every ounce of what I put out in our newsletters and in our workshops I make use of in my own life. In essence, the Life Strategies I share with you is how I keep my own life in check. I will share with you how below. Please note that it can take several years to get to this place. In addition, whenever I feel I need to deviate from my plan a day or two, I do so freely and without guilt:

  • Every two or three months I do a complete life assessment. It takes a total of 15 minutes of my time. (The Magic of Succeeding Life Assessment)
  • I assess where I am and where I want to be in 13 areas in my life (Life Strategy: Balance)
  • Goals are set in no more than three areas in a given period (Life Strategy: Planning)
  • No matter how excited I am about embarking on something new, I make a conscious effort to start slow. This way I keep myself from feeling overwhelmed and risking not achieving my goal (Life Strategies: Baby-Stepping, Planning)
  • I consistently monitor my thoughts and behaviors to indentify negativity then work on correcting it. (Life Strategies: Mindful Thinking, Stress Management)
  • Most mornings I check in with me by journaling in what I call a “Today Sheet”. I include random thoughts, feelings, issues that need resolving, what I am grateful for, a To Do list, and my intention for the day (Life Strategy: Planning)
  • Every day, I meditate, chant, and green juice (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 5-6 mornings per week I alternate between ½ hour of cardio exercise and yoga (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 3-4 days per week I walk 1 mile to my office for fresh air and sunlight (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 4 nights per week, I shut everything down early to spend quality time with my significant other (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 1 night per week, I do something fun (like dancing) just for me. If that fails, at a minimum I watch AFV (Americas Funniest Videos) with my 7-year old for those “feel-good” endorphins. (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 1 day per week I attend a live yoga class (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • 3 hours per week I do something(s) creative such as writing, painting, or drumming (Life Strategies: Stress Management, Balance)
  • I dedicate 3-4 hours per week to household responsibilities such as cooking & cleaning, shopping, etc. (Life Strategy: Balance)
  • If I come across any major challenges or set-backs in achieving my goals, I recall The Rules of Engagement (Life Strategy: Mindful Thinking) to help me move past them efficiently. If all else fails, I use supportive therapies such as Chiropractic, Harmonyum, Reiki, SR Method to help me release blocks that are keeping me from moving forward (Life Strategy: Stress Management)

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