Mission #23: Take Baby-Steps

You work ten-hour days, rush home to take care of a myriad of tasks, and come to find that the source of your unhappiness is that there is no balance in your life. So, how do you get to a place of balance and escape from feeling overwhelmed? The answer is baby-stepping—baby-stepping your thoughts and actions until you are at a place where things happen at will. On the way you have developed the new habits of courage, accomplishment, confidence, and trust in everything you do.

If you follow your own example, you will see that baby-stepping is our way of life. Go back to how you developed. Visualize yourself at any given stage and remember how you carried on in the world. Did it look like the following?

As an infant you are adapting to a new environment and striving to get your basic needs met. You may experience some discomfort and fear. Until your skills are developed, your physical mobility is limited to crawling and your ability to express yourself verbally is limited to babbling. You rely heavily on others, primarily your parents for support at this phase. As you grow into childhood and are more comfortable in your surroundings, you become more mobile and verbal and begin to enjoy living and learning. Everything at this stage is about FUN, in capital letters. Moving into adolescence, you strike out more independently, attempting to carve your own place in the world and having your voice heard. In your twenties, matters of the heart come to the forefront as well as a connection to things that you truly care about. By your thirties, you develop clear, focused, confident communication. From forty to fifty-nine, you may discover your true sense of self and possess a knowledge and wisdom of the world around you. From your sixties and onward, you are at ease with yourself and others with a greater connection to spirituality.

Now compare it to what it was like for you at a new job or when starting a new relationship: In the beginning, you were getting yourself acquainted with your workspace and the task that was before you. You may have experienced an uneasiness and fear. Until you were feeling more comfortable, you may have been quieter than usual. Your colleagues were your life line; transferring to you their knowledge of the job and the business. You eventually started having fun. As your comfort level increased, you may have become more open and expressed yourself and your needs more freely. At this point, you figured out if you loved or hated what you were doing. You either left in search of something better, or you made a firmer commitment. With increased knowledge of the business, you become a real asset to your team. You are completely at ease in your abilities and your standing in your group. Your career is under way.

The above examples are a clear illustration of how baby-stepping naturally occurs. When you embark on your next project with huge expectations and the temptation to take on more than you are ready for, step back. Start from the beginning, one step at a time.

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