Mission #22: Develop Good Eating Habits

What’s considered healthy these days in terms of nutrition seems to be a matter of opinion. You have the Traditionalists who believe you can eat anything in moderation; Naturalists who believe foods should be consumed in their original, organic, unprocessed state; Vegetarians who eat no meat; Vegans who consume and use only non-animal-based food products; and Raw Foodists who believe foods should be uncooked for optimal nutrition. Unless you have developed extremely good eating habits from the start, you will probably have to make some adjustments in your diet over the course of your lifetime.

What works for you when you are twenty, might not work for you when you’re forty. So, regardless of the school of thought you subscribe to, there is something you can learn from each group. For example, if you are fairly active and want to stay in general good health and prevent most physical problems caused by poor nutrition, you may find that the Traditionalist approach to eating works for you. If you are inactive or genetically inclined to develop diabetes or heart disease, you may want to draw from the Naturalists and avoid fast food and heavily processed foods and sugars; reduce or eliminate meats like the Vegetarians and Vegans; and introduce more of the uncooked fruits and vegetables of the Raw Foodist.

The point is to adapt your eating habits to meet your nutritional needs. Being completely unaware or unwilling to change what you consume can have devastating results on your health. In addition, if you are unable to control cravings, buy the healthiest junk foods possible and start exercising. Exercise gives you the serotonin boost you need to help stop food cravings.

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