Mission #17: Live in Balance

Balance isn’t merely about managing time between work and play. There are specific areas in our life that must be addressed to achieve and maintain true balance (see below).

Yet we say, “if I have a chance, I will … exercise, cook, clean, have fun, volunteer, learn something new, relax.” The problem is we never seem to have the time for any of it. But, these are the very things that can and will derail us right as we are making progress in what we work so hard to accomplish. Think of the countless artists who have lost their lives or fortunes despite great success, or the friend or neighbor who made it in business but was chronically ill, or a relationship that fell apart and forced us to drop out of a class or move to another town.

Wouldn’t it be to our advantage to sustain what we aim to do through a balanced existence without worrying that things could bottom-out at any turn? And to know that we can remain standing no matter what shakes us?

To bring ourselves back into balance, we must bring the so-called “secondary” areas of our lives into focus and act on them accordingly.

Life Categories

  1. Time Outdoors and In Nature
  2. Home and Environment
  3. Relationships, Family, and Community
  4. General Health and Well-Being
  5. Physical Activity
  6. Eating Habits
  7. Finances
  8. Pleasure and Fun
  9. Personal Power and Individuality
  10. Meaning and Fulfillment
  11. Communication and Creativity
  12. Knowledge Attainment and Sharing
  13. Stillness

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