Managing or Drowning in Stress?

Normal body functions and activities, emotional disturbances, and the demands of work and family cause stress that should be managed on a daily basis. Processing your daily stress can help you avoid stress overload and other serious conditions associated with chronic stress. Stress overload can keep you from making the best choices for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Negative thinking, compulsive eating, smoking, drinking, and not exercising or sleeping adequately are some of the choices we can make nearly 100% unconsciously under stress. Chronic stress can impair immune function and cause muscle tension and mental irritability. It has also been linked to blood clots, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Self Q&A

  • Am I riddled by stress?
  • Do I feel wired/adrenalized?
  • Do I snap easily at others?
  • Am I suffering from back pain or headaches?
  • Am I craving sweet or fatty foods?
  • Do I smoke or drink alcohol excessively?
  • Do I have restless nights?
  • What can I do to manage my stress better?
  • Am I willing to commit to learning more about how to manage stress?
  • Am I willing to commit to managing my stress better on a daily basis?
  • When can I do it?

Food for Thought

Consider creating a basic stress management plan for yourself.  This will help you avoid the ill effects of stress.  At a minimum:

  • Step away from your computer frequently
  • Stretch (morning, afternoon, and night)
  • Breathe Deeply (morning, afternoon, and night)
  • Gaze out the window frequently
  • With your doctor’s approval, go out for brisk walks daily.
  • Listen to soothing sounds
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