Things We Love: Workshop: Unleashing Your Calling

This weekend I attended “Unleashing your Calling”, a one-day workshop facilitated by Career Coach, Tama Kieves at the NY Open Center. As the title suggests, the purpose of this workshop is to help you discover your life’s purpose. Though I know without a shadow of doubt what my life purpose(s) is, something deep inside compelled me to attend this workshop. As my inner voice always rules, I happily participated. With a student’s heart, I opened myself up to whatever Tama and the universe wanted to teach me. What did I learn? That I am indeed a multi-dimensional being doing important work that absolutely needs to be shared! And, so are all of you. I urge you to unleash your personal calling! Connect to your authentic self and be who you really and truly are. For more about Tama Kieves’ workshops visit

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