Things We Love: Silva Life System

The Silva Life System is the definitive multimedia home training program based on the internationally acclaimed work of The Silva Method. Assembled using lessons, techniques and tools refined for over 50 years, we see it as the Rolls-Royce of personal growth programs.

This sophisticated ‘vehicle’ even features a ‘GPS unit’ that maps out every essential step towards achieving your ideal life. And using daily *Alpha and Theta meditations, the program trains your subconscious mind to become the powerful driving force behind manifesting desired outcomes.

  • Achieve monk-like levels of meditation (even if you’ve never meditated in your life), and achieve deeper levels of self-awareness and relaxation with the help of proprietary Alpha and Theta sounds.
    Deal with stress effectively using the Three Fingers Technique, and enjoy a calmer, happier, more productive life.
  • Tune into your natural intuitive senses using the advanced Five Fingers Technique—so you can make better decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the people and circumstances surrounding you.
  • The Silva Mirror of the Mind Technnique for combating negative thoughts.
  • Break free from dysfunctional emotional patterns like negative thoughts, self-doubt and addictions like smoking or overeating with the Mirror of the Mind Technique.
  • Awaken your mind’s natural healing abilities by learning the Glove Anesthesia Technique to and using it to manage pain and reduce the symptoms of illness.
  • Unleash your hidden creativity* by harnessing the power of dreams, allowing you to think abstractly, solve problems, and create inspiring works of art.
  • Successfully absorb and retain new information using The Mental Screen Technique, making it easy to recall facts and figures on demand, and go further at school or at work.
  • Naturally overcome sleep disorders like insomnia with the Sleep Control Technique, so you can consistently enjoy deep, restful sleep—the kind that leads to a gloriously productive day.
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