Things We Love: Radiant Health with Naam Yoga

Radiant Health with Naam Yoga
A Dynamic Meditation Practice | $30 DVD

This DVD contains two complete Naam Yoga meditation sequences, and one-and-a-half hours of instruction that you can refer back to as needed. By combining mudras, stretches, breath and mantra in a particular pattern one is able to systematically work on many parts of the body simultaneously in one easy and enjoyable exercise routine. Best of all, the exercises are fun and engaging. The practitioner is able to pick them up quickly as each set is akin to learning a dance routine. Naam Yoga meditation series’ are an exciting and delightfully fresh way to keep the mind sharp, the body healthy and the spirit high.

Includes 2 Complete Naam Yoga Meditation Sequences

  • l The Healing Dance of Heaven
  • For Radiant Health and Resolving Complex Diseases
    A unique and very uplifting sequence of rhythmic movements that stimulate and massage the various reflex points of the body to clear the mind, harmonize the nervous and glandular systems, strengthen the voice and progressively improve overall health and wellbeing. This set melts away stress and is an excellent remedy for fatigue, insomnia and/or a restless mind. Includes over 32 mudras for specific imbalances, such as excess weight, reproductive dysfunction, arthritis, sciatica, poor memory and more.

  • l The Lion’s Heart Series
  • For a Strong Heart and Powerful Energy Field
    A sweet and soothing set for healing the cardiovascular system, cleaning the lungs, strengthening the stomach and draining the lymphatic system while promoting detoxification of the entire body. This sequence of exercises imparts a glowing complexion and a more youthful appearance. Contains over 19 mudras for specific conditions, including depression, poor circulation, sluggish digestion and anxiety.

    All students of every age, health status and fitness level will greatly benefit from this experience. All the exercises and meditations are done in a comfortable seated posture.

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