Life Changes: Dedicated to Dad

As mentioned in my prior email, I’m thrilled to be back after a long summer off! Much has changed in my life that I’d like to share with the community. First, my beloved father passed away in July. Shortly after, I escaped to the Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts for a weeklong workshop. Then, I helped surprise my husband with a big celebration for this 50th birthday. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride.

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to my father and what I learned from him:

  1. Always have quarters in your pocket to give away to the homeless.
  2. Give everything.  Expect nothing in return.
  3. Talk to strangers, they are friends in the making.
  4. Love your Children.
  5. Help every child, not only your own.
  6. Celebrate life, have fun, enjoy!
  7. Dance!
  8. Work hard.
  9. Make something your own.
  10. Be your own boss.
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