How to Get Up Once Fallen… into Depression!

123Unhappy, Depressed, and Nobody Knows it? Ha! If you’ve ever come to a class at JourneySpace, chances are… I know it. And, I’m sure others do too. We all have the ability to see and feel through each other’s masks. Some of us have been hurt and can’t get over the pain. Others are angry and choose to punish others. Or despite our will, we can’t seem to get out of bed to do anything for ourselves. We may feel there’s nothing that can be done because we’ve “tried everything and failed.” But trying and failing is really not an option. The child isn’t thinking they’ve fallen too many times to figure out how to stand so, “I’m going to give up!”. Ah, there’s much to be learned from little people.

My point is that if you have fallen and can’t get up… at the very least start smiling. Smiling alone has the power to flood our body with endorphins. These are the feel good chemicals produced when we smile, laugh, exercise and even meditate. And feeling good is key to motivating us into further action and eventually beating our depression.
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