• Early August 2012: JourneySpace was conceived in the summer of 2012.  After having returned from a Chakra intensive with Anodea Judith at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, JourneySpace founder & director, Maggie Hernandez-Knight was determined to find a way to bridge her passion for the arts and wellness.
  • Late August 2012: In late August 2012, her vision for JourneySpace was formed and manifested with the purchase of the JourneySpace.org domain on September 2, 2012.
  • December 16, 2012: On December 16, 2012, “A Taste of JourneySpace” was hosted at the United Palace of Cultural Arts, offering JourneyDance and Wellness Drumming.
  • January 13, 2012: Regular classes commenced on January 13th.
  • February 2013: In early February 2013, Vinyasa Yoga replaced Wellness Drumming, taught by Annabella Cruz.
  • Late February 2013: JourneySpace was moved to Maggie Hernandez-Knight’s private studio in late February 2013, just days before having lost her full-time employment. A total of 8 classes were added to the roster, including Zumba Fitness taught by Dawn Crandell.
  • April 2013: In April 2013, Nicky Hamilton replaced Dawn Crandell as Zumba Fitness teacher.
  • August 2013: Ballet Barre was added to the class roster, taught by JourneySpace founder & director, Maggie Hernandez-Knight in A
  • January 2014: A second Zumba Fitness class added on Tuesday nights, taught by Cecy Figueroa. This class was orchestrated by JourneySpace members Risa Herlich and Patricia Eakins.
  • September 2014: The JourneySpace home-studio closed. New shared space was secured on 190th Street off Broadway/Bennett.
  • November 2014: Classes commenced in new space with 2 new yoga instructors; Brittany Anderson and Maryse Karunaraine.

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