Happy New Year! A Repeat Performance

JourneySpace-HappyNewYear2014It was new year’s eve in 1999, when many of my colleagues and friends opted to skip celebrating the new year. It was after all, the end of the world as we knew it! Computers would crash and planes would fall from the sky, so we thought. Two weeks later, finding ourselves of all things, alive, a group of us hosted a New Year’s Eve party. It was January 15, 2000. Close to seventy-five people came together to party like it was 1999 all over again!

Years later what I find most memorable about this night is that we prolonged the hopeful feeling the new year brings. This gets me thinking about the importance of staying on this high the rest of the year. Relying on the power of our will alone is exhausting. Especially because it is our emotions that drive our behavior. We naturally run away from pain and move towards pleasure. We naturally act upon that which we feel inspired to do. Therefore, the key to success is to keep the emotional inspiration going.

Let us keep celebrating, watching, reading, listening to what moves us into action beyond the new year.

All the best!
Maggie Hernandez-Knight

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