Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Crusaders! I’d like to thank you for supporting QoLCRUSADER during a period of healing and rejuvenation this summer and fall. As you know, 2011 was full of challenges and rewards for me both personally and professionally. I published my first book: The Magic of Succeeding, launched the QoLCRUSADER.com website, conducted phone workshops, made live presentations, but also faced an unexpected health issue – that I will share more about in the coming weeks.

The positive feedback I’ve received from those of you who are actively implementing the Magic 5 Life Strategies tells me the work we are doing is making a difference! Some of you have reported getting new jobs, quitting smoking, attracting more money, feeling less stressed, and of course thinking differently.

Let’s keep this going Crusaders! Prerecorded workshops are online (Crusaders Links) and FREE for all who would like to listen. Live sessions will resume in January 2012. Those of you who haven’t done so already, please send me your testimonials. I’d also like to hear from each of you about how your life has been going; what your plans are moving forward, and what obstacles you’d like to overcome.

Be well CRUSADERS. Wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Maggie Hernandez-Knight

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