How should I dress for a class?
Wear loose comfortable clothes you can move in freely. No specific gym or yoga attire is required.

What do I wear on my feet?
JourneySpace is a no shoe studio. You may wear socks or slippers. To prevent you from slipping, we ask that you dance barefoot for JourneyDance and wear clean indoor fitness shoes for Zumba Fitness. For ballet, you may wear ballet slippers, socks, or gymnastics shoes (soon to be available at JourneySpace).

Do I have to use my own mat for Yoga?
We provide yoga mats for everyone. If preferred, you may also use your own mat.

What kind of experience is required for classes at JourneySpace?
No experience is required for any classes at JourneySpace. Beginners and advanced students are welcomed. Modifications are offered as needed to accommodate the ability of each student.

Is JourneySpace insured?
Yes, the JourneySpace studio is fully insured.

Is JourneySpace air conditioned?
No. JourneySpace is equipped with ceiling fans.

Are kids and seniors able to take classes at Journeyspace?
Yes, children over 7 and seniors may participate in all JourneySpace classes unless otherwise posted. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent.

Is child care provided for children under 7?
Childcare is not provided at the current time. We are considering an on premises childcare exchange among parent members.

Are class cards offered?
Class cards are offered at JourneySpace. You may purchase 5 & 10 class cards; good for 90 days from date of purchase.

Why is the membership so affordable?
Our mission at JourneySpace is to make wellness fun and accessible for every one. We have chosen to serve more with quality services at a low cost.


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