Taking Control of the Unexpected

In mid July after a Hot Yoga class, I felt completely off. My head was pounding and the nausea that came with it was unbearable. I thought I may have been a bit dehydrated, so I stopped for bite to eat and some coconut water. The next morning, I woke up with the same symptoms. When a visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure was rather high, I was in complete disbelief. I work out, I eat right, and I’m not stressed! So what could the problem be?

As you might know blood pressure is effected by exercise, diet, sleep, and stress. The only way to avoid having to take medication to regulate it, was to take control and tackle each area. I began meditating daily, exercising a minimum of 5 days per week instead of 3, reduced my daily sodium intake to under 1500 milligrams, increased my consumption of healthful foods such as leafy greens, fruits, and nuts, increased my nightly sleep to a minimum of 7 hours, and learned to control my excitement; an undercover source of stress. This happens when you are so excited about what you are doing that you overwork yourself.

I’m grateful to have pulled through this unexepected health crisis. Once again, there were angels – health professionals and other supportive individuals – who helped me get through it. But, I am also extremely proud of my resourcefulness and determination in acting on what I know is good and right for me.

Maggie Hernandez-Knight

Posted in Maggie's Diary.