Avoiding GMOs

Smart Shopping by Dr. Sears LEAN

You spend hours sorting through confusing advertising messages and reading lengthy nutrition labels to provide your family with the highest possible level of nutrition. In addition to looking for fiber and fat content, have you ever considered whether the food you are purchasing contains GMOs?

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are created when an organisms genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. The new method of genetic engineering is a scientific technology that unnaturally forces genetic information across the protective species barrier.
What does this mean to you, and why should you be concerned? There are many reasons you should be concerned, one of which is that these products have been laboratory created and limited amounts of testing about the products exist.  For more information GMOs, visit www.centerforfoodsafety.org.

To help you shop smart for your family, the Center for Food Safety has created a downloadable document detailing what specific brands and products use GMOs. Click here to view and download this sheet and gain an additional tool to help you feed your family smart.

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