25 Things to Do Instead of Watching Television

From “Addiction to Television: 25 Things to Do Instead of Watching Television” by S.E. Jones, Yahoo.com

We’re a nation of television watchers. We come home, eat and then sit and stare at the television screen for several hours until we fall asleep. Not only is this physically unhealthy, but it’s mentally unhealthy as well. Sitting staring at other people as they act out virtual lives doesn’t do much to stimulate our senses. Nor does it give us much to think about besides work. A lot of studies have been done in recent years, showing that people actually think less as they watch more television. And in so watching, we become programmed to think and act as we see right there on our screen. In addition, we are subjected to countless commercials that try to coax us into spending our money and eating till we are more potato than innocent consumer. Therefore, I urge you to consider getting up off that couch and instead plunge back into life. Below are 25 things you can do instead of watching television:

  1. Talk to someone. Your spouse, or kids is a good place to start. Also, you might consider catching up with a friend or family member.
  2. Read. Magazines, newspaper, books, etc. It’s all good, and good for you.
  3. Go for a walk. With someone or alone. It’s healthy, plus you’ll get a chance to talk with someone one on one if you take them with you.
  4. Take up a hobby. Guitar, woodworking etc. The thing doesn’t matter. It’s the doing that does. You can do it at home or sign up for a class. It’s not that difficult and you might just have some fun.
  5. Go for a drive. Preferably somewhere you enjoy.
  6. Do a puzzle. Crossword, jigsaw, etc.
  7. Clean up the place. The house, the garage, your computer. There’s always something that needs either cleaning or tidying up.
  8. Play with your kids. Enough said.
  9. Repair something. There’s always something broken, why not go fix it.
  10. Learn something. Either at home, or away at a class or in a course. Learn a new language, get a degree. It’s all possible.
  11. Write. Novels, short stories, poems, songs or letters, e-mail. Your choice.
  12. Play a sport. Basketball, volleyball, football, baseball. There’s a ton of them to choose from, all good for your physical health, plus the social aspect will help keep your mood light.
  13. Do some landscaping. Yard work. It’s all out there waiting.
  14. Go out for a long dinner. Preferably with someone you like.
  15. Plan an event. Family, work, friends. Family reunion? Class reunion? A local dance?
  16. Visit a friend. Or an enemy. Someone. Anyone.
  17. Workout. At home or at a gym. Or go swimming or play tennis. Or golf.
  18. Play games. Board games, social games, any kind of game. Most of them are fun.
  19. Go to a [smoothy] bar. Shoot pool. Or go to a party.
  20. Make a fancy meal. What sounds good?
  21. Go somewhere you’ve never been. How about rowing a boat across a lake? Or go sit on a bench outside of a store at a strip mall and watch the people come and go.
  22. Go to a sporting or entertainment event. A ball game, or a play, concert or comedy club. Whatever you like.
  23. Go dancing. Regular or country. Both are pretty fun.
  24. Join a club. Computer, chess, dancing etc.
  25. Start a business. At home or with a parner. Whatever kind you like. You’ll probably have some fun while doing it.

These twenty five things to do instead of watching television are only the beginning. Every person’s life is different from everybody else’s, and thus the opportunity for doing things is unique for every individual. Once you begin to do things other than watch television, you’ll begin to think of things you never would have otherwise. I hope this list has inspired you to go find things to do. Good luck.

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