2016 Immersion

Immersion 2016 flyer JourneySpace Immersion
Gift yourself or someone you love a full day immersion in self care. Leave your stresses behind and restore your connection to YOU. Get ready to exhale.
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Location: JourneySpace, 220 Cabrini Blvd. at 186th St., NYC 10033
Cost: $120/non-members
Food: Healthy Snacks and Lunch included

The JourneySpace Store offering incense, beads, essential oils and more
will be open throughout the day. Cash & Credit Cards accepted.

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6 Segments to inspire, empower, connect, nourish, move, engage, and relax you. Take away tools and strategies to help you manage your daily stresses.
Personal Development, Vinyasa Yoga, Labyrinth Walks, Sound Healing, Nutrition Info, JourneyDance, Drumming, Creative Expression, Essential Oils, Restorative Yoga.

Segment #1: To Inspire & Empower You
Embody the attitudes, beliefs, and strategies to support your self restoration. Learn how the subconscious mind can sabotage your life and how to control it. Use a balanced approach to manage your stress and feed your soul. Lead by Maggie Hernandez-Knight

Segment #2: To connect you
Choice 1: Awaken your transformative energies with a Vinyasa Yoga Flow. A transformative yoga practice that synchronizes flowing movement and breath. Each movement is done on an inhalation or an exhalation and flow together smoothly like a dance. Lead by Brittany Simone
Choice 2: Center yourself in a Sound Healing walk through the Labyrinth. The intentional use of sound for the purpose of promoting well-being. A meditative walk over a circular pattern that serves as a “time out” from the external world. It connects us with our inner self by moving us from doing to being and allows us to experience a sense of peace and balance (Also available during Segment #4). Lead by Vera DeCicco & Sandra Winter

Segment #3: To Nourish you
Discover food as medicine: Eats and treats for what ails you. Learn how to use foods to support good health, maintain your preferred weight, control or prevent common health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Lead by the Meal Whisperer

Segment #4: To Move you
Choice 1: Get the heart pumping and fingers thumping: An exercise in JourneyDance & Drumming. A fun-filled hour of unchoreographed free movement. A guided dance to help you connect with yourself and others in a supported environment. Come alive, express joy or release what lurks inside.  Lead by Maggie Hernandez-Knight
Choice 2: Center yourself in a Sound Healing walk through the Labyrinth. The intentional use of sound for the purpose of promoting well-being. A
 meditative walk over a circular pattern that serves as a “time out” from the external world. It connects us with our inner self by moving us from doing to being and allows us to experience a sense of peace and balance. (Also available during Segment #2). Lead by Vera DeCicco & Sandra Winter

Segment #5: 
 To engage you
Unleash the unique creativity that lives in each of us by developing a practice of self-expression. We’ll explore different creative exercises – journaling, scribbling, drawing, moving, sharing, collaging, choosing the one that speaks to you. Learn how to use your creative powers to move through your emotions, tell your story, and envision your dreams as we inspire and empower ourselves and each other. Materials included. Lead by Janine White

Segment #6: To relax you
Take a journey through the senses in restorative yoga: sound, oils, self massage, bliss. Learn how to use essential oils and restorative yoga to promote deep relaxation. Essential oils will be available for sale.  Lead by Maryse Karunaratne, accompanied by Sandra Winter, sound healer.


Our Presenters

veraVera DeCicco: Vera deCicco is a native New Yorker with a background in business as well as being an Interfaith Minister and a poet. She leads frequent Labyrinth walks in NYC, allowing for others to take a journey that often mysteriously leads to a place of wholeness. Vera is a single mother of three grown children, Paul, John and Vera Marie and grandmother to seven, namely Nicole, John, Michael, Matthew, Christina, Kyle and Trevor Johan. Her published works, Poetic Moments and Angels Unaware are available on Amazon.com.
maggieMaggie Hernandez-Knight: JourneySpace’s founder & director, Maggie Hernandez-Knight is a dedicated Wellness Facilitator with a background in the arts, classical ballet & fine art painting. She opened JourneySpace in 2013 to give others an opportunity to use non-verbal expression as a pathway to healing. Maggie is the author of the book & coaching program, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life, and holds certifications as a Burris Life Coach, Rhythm Facilitator, and JourneyDance Guide.
maryseMaryse Karunaratne:  Maryse has now completed over 450 hours of yoga training and continues to grow personally so that she can bring those lessons to her class. Drawing from a background in rhythmic gymnastics and dance, Maryse’s classes are both grounding and up-lifting. Exploring the idea of yoga as a moving meditation, Maryse takes her inspiration from the daily dance of life.
brittanyBrittany Simone: A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who sees yoga as a means of self-expression, creativity and grace. She teaches a deep fluid form of vinyasa focusing on building strength and getting to know the body.  Brittany believes that the strengths and limitations we have on our mats are reflections of what is happening in our lives.  She seeks to gently tap into the body in order to know the self more intimately.
janineJanine White:  Janine has been practicing yoga since she was about 10 years old. She enjoys teaching diverse groups of adults and children of different ages and backgrounds. Inspired by her personal practice and informed by her academic and professional background in the field of human rights, she seeks to share yoga as a self-care, healing, and empowering practice in various communities.
sandraSandra Winter: Sandra is an Interfaith Minister, singer / songwriter, spiritual life coach and sound therapy practitioner. She has been practicing sound healing professionally for over 10 years, using her tools to help others relax, restore and rejuvenate their bodies. Sandra is available for sound healing circles and private sound healing sessions.
foodwhisperer4bwThe Meal Whisperer:  An upcoming blog and health coaching services by Integrative Health & Nutrition Counselors trained in natural medicine at Quantum University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The Meal Whisperer provides support for obesity, diabetes, biotoxicity, and others with a focus on genetics polymorphism. Dietary theories, homeopathic treatments and practical lifestyle coaching methods are employed to create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” to suit the unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals of each client.