14 Signs That Americans Are Ridiculously Overworked

14 Signs That Americans Are Ridiculously Overworked
By Ashley Lutz | May 16, 2012, 3:07 PM Business Insider

Since the recession and mass layoffs, Americans are working harder than ever to keep their jobs.

American worker productivity has increased 60 percent in the past 20 years. Wages have stagnated. That means workers are doing much more for less.

All the extra hours and responsibilities are leading to health consequences: both physical and psychological. Chronic illnesses and obesity are on the rise.

Here are some crazy facts that show the toll work is taking on Americans:

  1. 39 percent of people work more than a typical workweek (40 hours)
  2. The average American gets 90 minutes less sleep than they should, and the number of sleep disorders has skyrocketed in recent years
  3. Americans are literally working themselves to death — as job stress contributes to heart disease, hypertension, gastric problems, depression, exhaustion, and a variety of other ailments
  4. If current trends continue, Americans will be spending as much time at their jobs in 2100 as they did back in 1920, when regulations were put into place to protect workers
  5. 69 percent of employees report that work is a significant source of stress and 41 percent say they typically feel tense or stressed out during the workday
  6. An astonishing 39 percent of employees feel rage at their coworkers — and 34 percent resent their coworkers for working less than they do
  7. 52 percent of U.S. workers report that they have changed jobs in hopes of finding a less stressful one
  8. 83 percent of employees report going to work sick because they’re afraid they’ll be punished for missing
  9. 36 percent of Americans don’t plan to use all of their vacation days
  10. The U.S. is one of few countries that doesn’t legally require workers to take time off. By contrast, countries like France and England require workers to take 30 days of vacation
  11. Half of employees are less productive at work as a result of stress, meaning that they crash and lose work hours or have difficulty concentrating
  12. And the hours are making people fat: 44 percent of workers have gained weight from their jobs
  13. Since the recession, 86 percent of executives say their company now expects more of their employees, and 59 percent of employees feel more pressure
  14. 24 percent of employees work six or more extra hours per week without pay. That figure doubles for management
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